The Affordable
AWOS Alternative
for Your Airport.

Choosing the right solution

Explore the key distinctions between SayWeather Pro2 and SayWeather Pro+ to determine the ideal solution for your airport’s weather advisory needs. Explore instant METARs by text and crisp, clear weather camera images with just a tap on your smartphone. SayWeather seamlessly integrates with your airport as intelligently as your airport pilots.

SayWeather Pro2

Everything you need for advisory weather reporting at your airport. SayWeather Pro2 uses calibrated weather data from on-airport sensors to produce a clear, non-distracting surface-weather advisory for pilots. Any VHF-equipped aircraft accesses airport weather by simply keying the mic!

SayWeather Pro+

Professional-grade weather for busier airports. SayWeather Pro+ offers options for visibility, present weather, sky condition and cloud height. Access clear, concise surface advisories by simply keying the mic. SayWeather Pro+ is as close to an AWOS as it gets!

Everything an airport operator needs to quickly and easily implement automated, AWOS-like weather advisories!


Discover the standout features of SayWeather Pro+ and SayWeather 2, tailored to meet your weather monitoring needs. Explore advanced forecasting, customizable analytics, and seamless integration options designed to provide you with the insights necessary to make informed decisions.

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Announcing SayWxAir

The perfect companion to SayWeather! Check out SayWxAir and learn more about how it can benefit your complete SayWeather system.

METARs via EFB now available on two new platforms:

Now available on ForeFlight and Aviator Assistant. Learn more here on integrating into your system.

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