Wired Lighting

Wired Lighting Control

High voltage lighting controller is installed close to the SayWeather installation location.
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Single Zone Lighting, PAL-1


Multi-Zone Lighting, PAL-3


Use the PAL type for instances where the high-voltage control of airport lighting is close to the SayWeather installation location. The PAL controllers contain power relays to control airport lighting. The power relays are actuated via an industry-standard 6C6P cable (terminated with RJ12 connectors) that connects the PAL controller to SayWeather.  The control cable can be any length up to 1000′. SayWeather‘s PAL controllers are packed with features and benefits:
  • Isolated N.O. and N.C. contacts rated 120VAC to 277VAC, 10A to 20A (load dependent).
  • PAL-1 can be easily daisy-chained to provide up to three independently controlled lighting zones or lighting intensities (with existing lighting intensity controller). Three daisy chained PAL-1 controllers are equivalent to one PAL-3.
  • Lockable NEMA-1 rated enclosure for convenient indoor mounting – PAL-1 measures 7″ X 8″ X 4″, PAL-3 measures 13″ X 12″ X 4″.
  • Supplied with 24′ industry-standard 6C6P control cable with RJ-12 connectors.  Custom lengths up to 1000′ available as an option.
  • Internal control circuitry powered by 120VAC, 0.1 amps. (optionally, 240VAC)
  • Easily accessible Manual/Auto and override switches.
  • LED indicator is illuminated when lighting is turned on through pilot-command or SayWeather‘s automatic lighting timer settings.
  • Fully user-configurable for turn-on with any single (or combination) mic-keys.
  • Audible acknowledgment over the VHF transceiver of receipt of pilot’s light activation mic-keys.
  • All UL listed or recognized power components.
  • User-configurable automatic operation, before or at sunset, and at or after sunrise.
  • User-configurable lighting on-duration time for pilot activation.
  • One-year warranty.

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