Wireless Lighting

Wireless Lighting Control - PAL-1W


High voltage lighting controller is installed a long distance from the SayWeather installation location.

Wireless Lighting Interface (WLI)

Power Relay Panel (PRP)

Use the wireless PAL type for instances where high-voltage control of airport lighting is a far distance from the SayWeather installation location or instances where routing or burying a control wire to the high-voltage lighting control point is cost prohibitive. The PAL-1W and PAL-3W consist of a wireless lighting interface (WLI) and power relay panel (PRP). The WLI acts as a control signal transmitter and it includes a manual lighting control switch on the front panel. (The WLI connects to SayWeather through an industry-standard 6C6P cable.)  The PRP acts as the control signal receiver and contains the power relay that controls airport lighting.  All control signals are carried via secured LoRa in the ISM band.

SayWeather‘s PAL wireless controllers are packed with features and benefits:

  • Isolated N.O. and N.C. contacts rated 120VAC to 277VAC, 10A to 20A (load dependent).
  • The PRP is housed in a lockable NEMA, IP42-rated enclosure for convenient outdoor mounting. The PAL-1W PRP measures 12” H x 8” W x 5.5” D.
  • Wireless range is up to 3000′ with longer distances possible with optional long-range antennas.
  • The PRP internal control circuitry is powered by 120VAC, 0.1 amps. (optionally 240VAC)
  • The “WLI” wireless transmitter is designed to be positioned adjacent to SayWeather Pro2 or Pro+. Cable lengths up to 50′ are available if the WLI is to be positioned at an appreciable distance from SayWeather.
  • The PRP housing contains easily accessible Manual/Auto and override switches for manual turn-on, or turn-off of airport lighting.
  • A WLI status LED indicator illuminates with different colors to show when lighting is on or off.  The LED also indicates wireless signal strength.
  • Fully user-configurable for turn-on with any single (or combination) of mic-keys.
  • Audible acknowledgment over the VHF transceiver of receipt of pilot’s light activation mic-keys.
  • All UL listed or recognized power components.
  • User-configurable automatic operation, before or at sunset, and at or after sunrise.
  • User-configurable lighting on-duration time for pilot activation.
  • Available in three channel version – PAL-3W, contact Connectsix LLC for pricing.
  • Multi-receiver (multi-PRPs) configurations are available as an option, contact Connectsix LLC for more information on custom lighting solutions.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Go wireless and save trenching across a taxiway, ramp, or runway!
  • The “WLI” provides a convenient front-panel paddle switch to manually activate or de-activate lights.

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